Questions with Adriana | 09+04+19

I follow many different blogs and I find it super refreshing when I find one that is in the niche of sober living. There are not many of us bloggers that will be open and honest about the life we were living before we got sober, but I do believe I have found my idol in the bloggers world. Her name is Adriana Kupresak and not only is she beautiful but she is real and raw and honest about her time as an alcoholic and how it destroyed her life. She talk’s deeply about her battle with men as well and the terribly difficult times she had in her past relationships. Adriana will hit the 3 year mark of being sober come September 11, 2019 and she lives such a beautiful and glamorous life; all without the drugs or booze!

Adriana Kupresak | image found on google | I own no copyrights tot this image or any other images shared of Adriana

I emailed Adriana and asked her if she would so kindly do a quick Q & A with me so that I could share more about her here on Sober Soul and she agree! Now, I know you guys will love her! She is the sweetest and incredibly real. I can’t wait to share with you what she and I talked about. So keep an eye out for her Guest Blogger post and be sure to show her some love once it’s live!

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There are so many reasons to be happy and live a good life. I have been posting a lot here lately about living happy and a good life and I am excited to share with you Sober Soul Chic’s first ever Guest Blogger! I follow a lot of bloggers and try to be active in the blogger community. I admire many different writers and have learned so much for so many. There is one blogger that I just love! His blog is always filled with fun, bright, and happy post and that I admire.

I recently contacted him and asked him if he would be a guest blogger here at Sober Soul Chic and he so kindly agreed! I was super excited and I hope that you enjoy his post. Reading his post I hope that from it you will take a fresh look at just how to live a happy and fulfilling life. To embrace what life throws at you and see life in a new way. You, like me, I’m sure will find his post refreshing and uplifting.

His name is Ryan Biddulph and he writes to us from Fiji! How super exciting is that?! You can find him over at BLOGGING FROM PARADISE. Ryan’s blog is more for the blogger enthusiast and full of how-to’s, E-courses on blogging, and tips from the big name blogger himself. But I’m sure anyone can find fun in reading his blog because it’s full of awesome reads. One of my favorites is: How can you raise your blogging vibe. This is one of his video blog post and its full of fun and helpful blogger tips! Ryan definitely has a good blogger vibe, I mean he is writing from Fiji after-all!

Ryan is also a judge on the Blogger Awards and thus is truly a seasoned and knowledgeable vet blogger. His style is different from others and that is one of the reason’s I like to follow his blog. Anyhow, enough of my rants for today. My fellow bloggers and readers I give to you

Ryan Biddulph from Blogging from Paradise:

Ryan Biddulph

Thank you Ryan for sharing with us a bit of insight from your point of view! I absolutely loved it! If you want to see more from Ryan be sure to check out his links above and be sure to tell him that you found him from right here on Sober Soul Chic!

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Chic_Sober Spotlight | 06+01+19

I wanted to share a few stories with you all from people that are currently going through the recovery process. Some are just starting their journey and some have been in recovery for years. Either way thier stories are all different but each wonderful and interesting.

I am a member of a Facebook group called CLEAN & SOBER- Addiction Recovery Support Group. Here in this group of over 56,000 members you will find constant beautiful support and encouragement. Members are welcomed daily and share their stories, struggles, fears, accomplishments, & support. I was hesitant at first to make any real post because I didn’t want people judging. However, that is not what your going to find in this group. Everyone there knows what your going through and they honestly want to help! There are some members that post more than others but guarantee that whether or not they are posting; they are reading and getting support they need. There is some kind of comfort knowing that there is someone out there currently going through what your going through and making it!

On the days that someone is having a bad day and they post about it you will find hundreds of comments full of encouragement and support to make it better. You’ll find FB Live video’s on a regular basis because it helps to create a family of support. And believe me they talk about EVERYTHING! But they also laugh, cry, pray, and encourage each other.

Its a beautiful thing.

So I asked for anyone who might want to do a Q&A series with me for the blog and I got a few takers! I was extremely excited and can’t wait to share with you what I learned and the journey’s of these courageous people.

I’ll be sharing each person’s story on a separate post because I want to give them their own spotlight. Please be kind and understand it takes a lot for some to share. I hope you enjoy this series as much as I do!


Recovery is Freedom

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