28 Questions Q3 | 5+26+19

Q3: What good habit do you want to begin next month?


I am getting better! But this is something that I sometimes can fall back on. I will get side tracked or distracted and not do what I need to on a regular basis.

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conformity in the application of something, typically that which is necessary for the sake of logic, accuracy, or fairness.

So there you have it. I need to be more consistent! I’ve given myself a head start on here for doing this next month because I’ve dedicated myself to this 28 Questions series and I really want to follow it through. The questions get more in-tune with who I am a little later into it. So far I am enjoying this! I think that in June I want to do a Questions series tailored around Addiction. I feel like its something I need to do!

Anyways, I’ve went and got myself one of the beautiful planners from,–> The Happy Planner! They are super fun and insanely pretty! You can create your own personalized planner and make planning fun! This is hopefully going to help me organize all that I have going on and what I have to do and it’ll be pretty too! You should definitely check them out here @ —-> website shop where you can get awesome deals! They are also sold here –> Wal-Mart There are tons of styles, stickers, & journals!

The Happy Planner

Well, that is all for this one. Until next time


28 Questions Q1 | 5+24+19

I think we all forget to remind ourselves sometimes that we are good & beautiful. So for the lack there of I decided to answer 28 Questions that are related to me, myself, & I.

I found this idea on Pintrest and think it’s going to really open up my mind to see that I have come a long way and that I am still a good person even though I have made some really bad choices. I hope maybe you will enjoy getting to know me a little better too. These answer’s may be short and then again they may be long, but guarantee they will be a reflection of me and honest!

Q1: What is your biggest struggle with loving yourself?

A1: Its’ not that I don’t love myself, because I do. But there are many different parts of me that I don’t feel secure about. I have messed up so drastically in the recent years that I feel like I am so very much imperfect. Physically I love myself. I consider myself attractive & a beautiful person. Internally I am a good person but I have just made so many wrong choices and this makes it a bit harder to really say that I love myself. Now, I am starting to love myself again so that is progress. I can look in the mirror now and be content with the woman staring back at me. I can look at her and know that she is taking steps every day to be a better person than she used to be. I just still have many things to make up for before I can really love myself. I am my biggest struggle. Because I can’t love myself until I have corrected the wrongs for losing who I was before the drugs and bullshit life I was living that caused me to lose my children. I am making hella progress but I’m not fully there yet.