#ShareStrong | 08+09+19

The normal social media lovers cannot live without Instagram! Some can do away with Facebook or Twitter even but most definelty they will no go without Instagram! Why is that I wonder? It could be the “photo” basis of sharing leaving the drama to a lesser more managable sense or even that the platform is much smaller! I know for me I love it because of the smaller platform and ridicioulsy awesome #filters.

But hey I’m just one girl! Who knows why the IG is seriously the most popular form of social media!

Anyhow, IG is filled with people using the ever so poplular # ordeal! I am a fan of this of course beacuse you probably know I use them in almost every post no matter where I am posting. Now, most people use silly #hashtags and create a movement that is drastically disppointing! But then there are some that use this to make movements that will change things in the current scene!

That is what my post is about today! #ShareStrong by Kate Upton

If you know anything about celeberties you will know that Kate is a insanely gorgeous American super model and actress. She has been seen on the cover of Vogue, Sports Illistrated, and Cosmo! She has the most beautiful fair skin tone and a huge smile that will blind you! Of course all of us everyday-ers like to think she is some out of this world person but we forget that she-they-them-being celeberties are also NORMAL people too!

Of course most celebs don’t share #nofilter photos or #makeagoodmovement hashtags but on this day Kate Upton has started something amazing! She most definelty wants to make a movement in a good way! I had to follow along with this because it pulled at my heart and I think it is something that we all need to be doing! Plus, its perfect for how I need to remind myself how far I have come!

You can see Kate’s orginal IG post HERE and mine HERE!


Today I’m sharing this picture of me with #nomakeup#nofilters and #noworries ….
I have been through a multitude of changes both emotionally, spiritually, and physically over the past 6 months. I spent just over 3 years destroying my entire life, mind, body, and soul with drugs & self destruction. But by the Grace of God and a support system of the most kind & Godly people I’ve ever met. I have overcome my drug addiction and self destruction to finally start loving myself again. @hillaryscottla shared a post that caught my attention about #selfcare& inspired me! @kateupton even more so wants to inspire everyone to help her spread #selflove through her #ShareStrong campaign. This I couldn’t pass up. It is truly just what I needed to see. So please help me by tagging someone you know is beautiful and strong and ask them to share with you #withoutthemakeup#withoutthefilters, and #withoutworries to show we are all beautiful!

Welp, there you have it! Now, what will you post to carry on #ShareStrong in your part of this world?

That is all for now


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